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Not Now, Palestine!

NATIONS from across the globe have united in their condemnation of Russia’s illegal occupation of Ukrainian lands and the subsequent terrorisation and displacement of the indigenous people of that country and yes, Palestine, we see you with your hand up there, but please, not right now okay? Furthermore, Russia’s use of controversial weaponry such as… Read more »

Apartheid & Killings Not Worth It If We Can’t Have Ben & Jerrys, Declares Israeli Government

RECENTLY installed leader of the Israeli coalition government PM Naftali Bennett has been left questioning whether all this apartheid, human rights abuses, illegal settlements and killing of children is even worth it, if Israelis are denied Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. “Honestly why even bother bulldozing Palestinian homes if there’s no Caramel Chew Chew waiting… Read more »

“Eat Shit Palestine” Middle East Peacemaker Kushner Offers Olive Branch To Palestinians

PRESIDENT DONALD Trump’s son-in-law and somehow in charge of being Middle East peacemaker, Jared Kushner, has been hailed the world over for his incredible proposals aimed at bringing Israel and Israel together in agreement over Palestine. “Eat shit Palestine, you empty headed terrorists will accept this deal or else,” explained Kushner, who is two children… Read more »

Israel Finally Recognises Palestine Following Local Man’s Relentless Tweets

THE United Nations along with NATO and dozens of world leaders have today congratulated 58-year-old Michael O’Riordan for single handedly pressuring Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision today to finally recognise Palestine as a sovereign state, putting an end to decades of land grabbing and conflict. Following nine years of relentless tweets, Facebook posts and lengthy debates in internet comment sections and anti-Israeli… Read more »