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Divers Find Dolphin Mass Grave In Dingle

DIVERS searching for Fungi the dolphin in Dingle have discovered a ‘mass grave’ site underwater where an estimated 20-30 seperate remains have been found, WWN has learned. The graves, marked with the name Fungi followed by a number and year of death, are believed to have been the final resting places of a series of… Read more »

5 Ways Kerry Can Stop Dublin

THE ALL-IRELAND final replay is almost upon us and after pushing a 14-man Dublin right to the final whistle, Kerry will be understandably disappointed they didn’t take their chance. Can a refocused Dublin who have well and truly been delivered a wake up call be beaten in the replay? WWN Sport looks at the 5… Read more »

Fungi Admits Longing For Sweet Release Of Death

SQUEAKING exclusively to WWN, famed Dingle dolphin Fungi has admitted that sometimes the daily drudge of putting on a smile for a boat load of fat tourists just makes him want to swim ‘right into the fucking propeller’. Fungi, 38, has been a staple part of the Irish tourism industry since arriving in Dingle in… Read more »

Healy-Raes Merge To Form One Super-TD

LEINSTER House has been put on high alert following reports that a huge amount of boiling, uncontrollable Kerry temper has caused the Healy-Rae brothers to fuse together to form one Super-TD, with enough political-savvy and shouting power to control the flow of politics in Ireland for a generation. Concerns were raised about the possibility of… Read more »

Calls For Cull On Healy-Rae’s

THE DEVASTATION caused by an ever increasing number of Healy-Rae’s on the west coast of Ireland has reached epidemic proportions, it has been revealed today. Locals have asked the government for a cull on the strain of human, which has so far cost the tax-payer millions of euros in damages. “They’re everywhere you look the… Read more »