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Is It Time You Took Your Junior Cert Results Off Your CV?

A NEW study has shown that the majority of employers don’t put much stock in the extra-curricular, non-work aspects of their employees lives, prompting hundreds of thousands of Irish people to wonder if maybe they should take their hobbies, favourite movies, and details of their Junior Cert accomplishments off their CVs. The report also showed… Read more »

Good News As Dublin Drugs Firm Creates 20 Jobs

WELCOME news on the jobs front as a drugs firm is expanding its operations in the Nation’s capital. The firm’s expansion is a response to the growing demand for a number of its products which has led to the creation of 20 positions in the sales department as well as transport and logistics. “We had a… Read more »

Molly Malone Statue Forced To Emigrate

The latest victim of the post-Celtic Tiger sting in the tail is sadly one of Ireland’s most beloved landmarks and hearty slappers, sweet Molly Malone. “This is indicative of the kind of damage the government’s current jobs policy results in,” shared a politician whose name we didn’t bother writing down. While the fishmonger profession, along… Read more »

JobBridge Intern Probably Staying On Reception For The Year

The powers that be at WWN towers are reportedly so impressed with Kevin’s performance manning the main reception desk that they are contemplating keeping him there for the full year of his JobBridge placement. Despite being contrary to several rules of the JobBridge scheme, it seems the Media Studies graduate, is proving himself so adept… Read more »