Is It Time You Took Your Junior Cert Results Off Your CV?


A NEW study has shown that the majority of employers don’t put much stock in the extra-curricular, non-work aspects of their employees lives, prompting hundreds of thousands of Irish people to wonder if maybe they should take their hobbies, favourite movies, and details of their Junior Cert accomplishments off their CVs.

The report also showed that although every Irish person who completed a Gaisce President’s award course to either a bronze, silver or gold standard is very proud of that accomplishment, recruiting firms working for huge multi-national firms such as Google of Pfizer are unlikely to know what such things are, let alone care.

Similarly, details from the report have firmly stressed that details of prior work experience should begin at the candidate’s first proper, PAYE job, and not include the time the summer they spent picking strawberries at a local fruit farm when they were a teenager.

“Most Irish people need to do a total overhaul of their CVs,” said a spokesperson for Green D, who conducted the survey.

“You’re applying for a job in a huge firm, not looking for work as a trolley boy in the local Spar. You don’t need to include details of your second level academic results, and by that we really mean that you don’t need to type the whole chart of results our in the middle of the page. And for the love of Christ, stop using Comic sans as a font”.

Younger jobseekers were also advised that employers rarely care how many Snapchat followers their staff have.