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Welfare Recipients Warned Of Scam Where Dept. Of Social Protection Tell Them There’s Loads Of Jobs Out There

HAVING just been made aware of one ‘sophisticated’ scam involving people being asked for their bank details, those on welfare have been alerted to a second, more serious scam which reportedly involves the Department of Social Welfare telling people there’s plenty of jobs out there. “Whether it’s someone on jobseekers or even on the PUP,… Read more »

It’s All Your Own Fault, Dept. Of Welfare Reassures Recently Redundant

WITH jobseekers facing the unique circumstance of searching for a job during a global pandemic in a country recently officially declared in recession, the Department of Social Welfare has sought to reassure the public with a series of supportive messages. “And have you thought about applying for a job, no?” Welfare said, confirming this particular… Read more »

JobPath To Be Rebranded JobCulDeSac

IN A desperate bid to save the JobPath service, Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty has put forward a proposal to change Turas Nua’s branding for the scheme to something a bit more reflective of what it can offer job seekers. With only 11,334 people out of 206,000 who have taken part in JobPath sustaining employment for over 12… Read more »