Good News As Dublin Drugs Firm Creates 20 Jobs


WELCOME news on the jobs front as a drugs firm is expanding its operations in the Nation’s capital.

The firm’s expansion is a response to the growing demand for a number of its products which has led to the creation of 20 positions in the sales department as well as transport and logistics.

“We had a good 2013 and now is as good a time as any to take on new staff,” shared chief executive Nigel Delaney, “we’re looking for hard workers who have no problem working strange hours. It is, however, a high pressure environment.”

The firm is one of many recent success stories on an economic front as some businesses begin to get back on sure footing following an uncertain few years.

“Trade is booming pal and now is the time to get into this area, competition is thin on the ground so we’re looking to capitalise on that,” head of mergers and acquisitions Fran Cooney told WWN.

The company’s offices which are scattered around the city have already been besieged by young and enthusiastic applicants.

“We’re mainly looking for people with a minimum of one year’s experience in the trade, you know. We run a tight ship, so if you fit the bill don’t hesitate to call round, yeah?” concluded legitimate businessman Nigel Delaney.