Unemployed Man Looking For That Lucky Break Does So While Watching TV On The Couch


Niall Lyons, a 28-year-old unemployed man from Waterford, is said to have stepped up his search for a job in recent months, WWN can report.

“I’m busy alright, just dipping my toe in the employment water…it’s fairly cool now to be honest. I get most of my job information from the fashion segments on Ireland AM. There’s some cracking looking job prospects on their now in fairness,” Mr. Lyons explained.

A report published by the ERSI has revealed that many of the Nation’s long term unemployed believe they have exhausted all of their job seeking options.

In response to this latest report the Government has initiated its long rumoured ‘Lucky Break’ scheme which sees unemployed people cross their fingers, pray to their respective Gods, and occasionally have impure thoughts about several lunchtime newsreaders.

“Ah yeah, it’s been tough now, but this lucky break scheme has been very good. I had an interview with a phone-in show there on RTÉ last week, didn’t pan out, but they were offering a lump sum for providing some information, but sure I didn’t know what the capital of Belize was,” shared Mr. Lyons.

Mr. Lyons went on to say he struggled with the stigma surrounding being unemployed for 28 years but insisted he would make his own luck.

“As much as the scheme helps you sort of have to make your own luck. Some mates have said I should print off CVs and that, but I’ve a feeling if I watch another episode of The Chaser things might make a turn for the better,” concluded Mr. Lyons.

More to follow as we get it…