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Apartheid & Killings Not Worth It If We Can’t Have Ben & Jerrys, Declares Israeli Government

RECENTLY installed leader of the Israeli coalition government PM Naftali Bennett has been left questioning whether all this apartheid, human rights abuses, illegal settlements and killing of children is even worth it, if Israelis are denied Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. “Honestly why even bother bulldozing Palestinian homes if there’s no Caramel Chew Chew waiting… Read more »

Jobs: Nuclear Scientist Position In Iran

TO SAY it is a tough job market out there these days is an understatement in the extreme, however, WWN Jobs is here to bring job hunters some good news. There is a high profile opening in Iran’s nuclear development programme with competitive pay and comes with the chance to live in the historic and… Read more »

“Eat Shit Palestine” Middle East Peacemaker Kushner Offers Olive Branch To Palestinians

PRESIDENT DONALD Trump’s son-in-law and somehow in charge of being Middle East peacemaker, Jared Kushner, has been hailed the world over for his incredible proposals aimed at bringing Israel and Israel together in agreement over Palestine. “Eat shit Palestine, you empty headed terrorists will accept this deal or else,” explained Kushner, who is two children… Read more »

The Eurovision Entries That Make Israeli Slaughter Of Palestinians Worth It

WWN ENTERTAINMENT is your one stop shop for all things Eurovision and we’re here to tell you if you were about to feel in any way conflicted about watching the joyously kitsch camp-fest because of Israel’s crimes in Palestine, then worry no more. Innocent Palestinian women and children being murdered, bombed, maimed or whatever you’re… Read more »

Israel’s Moon Mission Shot Down By Hamas

IN WHAT was to be a triumphant achievement for Israeli space exploration, the nation’s privately funded moon mission was quickly brought to a halt this morning after the rocket was shot down shortly after take off, WWN can confirm. The non-profit SpaceIL spacecraft launched from Florida’s Cape Canaveral this morning in a bid to become the fourth country to make a soft landing… Read more »