Jobs: Nuclear Scientist Position In Iran


TO SAY it is a tough job market out there these days is an understatement in the extreme, however, WWN Jobs is here to bring job hunters some good news.

There is a high profile opening in Iran’s nuclear development programme with competitive pay and comes with the chance to live in the historic and vibrant city of Tehran.

The job spec and requirements are as follows:

The Iranian government is seeking a candidate that knows their way around a nuclear fusion reactor that is definitely not a nuclear weapons facility. MSc in Nuclear Physics required.

Reporting directly to Hassan Rouhani the ideal candidate would be a self starter who can achieve intimidating targets and outperform rivals who have significantly more resources.

The candidate must have own car, bullet proof vest and it would be helpful if the candidate was already proficient in evading Mossad agents.

Will be working as part of team, and will get own key card for secret underground nuclear testing site. Cannot stress enough the importance of not losing key card, those things are expensive to replace.

Possessing a hatred of Israel seen as a plus.

A Jason Bourne like ability to extricate oneself from sticky situations is valued but not required. If the candidate can spontaneously teleport when in danger that is seen as advantageous.

This is a temporary position until you get killed but you could qualify for large state funeral and threats of reprisals upon termination of contract.