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Local Man Prepared To Spend Next Hour Debating Vaccination Rules With Part-Time Cafe Worker

WATERFORD patriot Eamon Birde is prepared to spend a significant part of his morning laying out chapter and verse of the constitution as he insists that local cafe Scrumcious serve him a bacon sandwich despite his non-vaccinated status. “I appreciate everything you’re saying sir, but I’m a 19-year-old minimum wage worker and I don’t really… Read more »

Old Irish Myths #317267: The Metrolink

LAST WEEK in WWN’s Old Irish Myths series we covered the famous ‘Ulster Cycle’, this week it’s the turn of the oft mentioned, never seen mythical illusion known as ‘the Metrolink’. As always we speak to lecturer in folklore, Dr Jennifer Alwin, who has kindly lent us her expertise once more: “While most great bedtime… Read more »