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Lad Driving Around In New 21 Reg Has Some Cheek

THERE were heartwarming scenes as a close knit Waterford community came together in moving scenes to highlight the brass neck of Dermot Havers of No.59 after he drove home in a brand new car. “And with everything that’s going on,” confirmed neighbour Jackie Stones, empathically tutting in the direction of Havers as he stood in… Read more »

“If Only We Had A Year To Prepare For This”

WITH the sudden onrush of severe and grave consequences being felt from the Covid-19 pandemic the Irish government have voiced frustration, cursing their luck that this virus appeared out of nowhere in Ireland just days ago. “If only we had the guts of a year to prepare for this, boy, you would have loved to… Read more »

Met Éireann Issue Colder Than A Polar Bear’s Mickey Warning

IN AN attempt to correctly convey to the Irish public the imminent plunge to temperatures as low as minus 7 degrees in parts of the country, Met Éireann has issued a rare ‘colder than a polar bear’s mickey’ warning. “Look it, we could be all ‘Sudden Stratospheric Warming’ but that’s just boring weather nerd talk… Read more »

EU Countries Agree To End Practice Of Transporting Vaccines Via Tortoise

NATIONS belonging to the European Union have pledged to rectify the alarmingly slow initial rollout of its Covid-19 vaccination programme, which has been greeted with anger and frustration by citizens. After a special task force charged with identifying possible errors and inefficiencies within the supply chain reported that delivering the vaccines on the backs of… Read more »