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Quinn Family Already Asking Google To ‘Forget’ Lunney Kidnapping Trial Verdict

THROUGH an intermediary via another intermediary it is believed the Quinn family is once again utilising the EU’s ‘right to be forgotten’ law which has seen it bury damaging and embarrassing news stories about themselves, this time in the case of the Kevin Lunney kidnapping trial. “Yeah I’d probably want stories about how people kidnapped… Read more »

Man Impales Brain With First Attempt At Home Antigen Test

A ‘READ the instructions and take your time’ appeal has been reissued by authorities as the use of antigen tests in Ireland becomes more widespread and an essential part of curbing the spread of Covid-19, with safety concerns being expressed after one Waterford man’s mishap. “They were all saying it’s straightforward even an idiot could… Read more »

Frontline Bank Holiday Reduced To Bank Lunch Break

CONFUSED as how it turned a new bank holiday into national clusterfuck that made people angry, the government cicrculated yet more unconfirmed leaks around the proposed holiday for frontline workers, WWN can confirm. “We’re looking at Saint Bridget’s Day, possibly Patrick’s day, who knows what we’re at?” a source neither denied or confirmed, “basically we’re… Read more »