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Kid Thinks He’s Great Now He’s In 6th Class

WATERFORD pre-teen Jack Kenny is doing his best to not let his status as a sixth class student go to his head, but he admits that there are times when he does feel like ‘a real big swinging mickey’ around the playground these days. Kenny, 12, returned to St. Fidelma of The Compass Wound National… Read more »

False Widow Spiders: The Facts

THE STEATODA Grossa, better known as the ‘false widow’ spider, has become increasingly common here in Ireland over the last few years, with growing reports of people getting ‘bad bites from the little fuckers’. But other than the name, what do you actually know about these 8-legged pests? Here’s some facts: 1) The false widow… Read more »

Survive The School Run With These Tips

WORRIED about how your kids will react to traveling to school on a school bus for the first time? Relax! Minister for Education Norma Foley has helpfully announced that due to difficulties in procuring buses and drivers, you’ll be dropping your kids off by yourself! Phew! Thankfully, parents have been given little to no notice… Read more »

“It’s Not ‘Anti-Social’ Me & The Gang Are Closer Than Ever”: We Speak To The Youths Terrorising Ireland’s Streets

AFTER A spate of high profile instances of violence and anti-social behaviour, WWN met up with one of the nation’s preeminent group of troublemakers to discuss their actions. Expecting to find aggressive nuisance makers hellbent on striking fear into the hearts of ordinary people, instead WWN found something else entirely. “Anti-social? Sure, Gizzer didn’t have… Read more »