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How Ireland’s Mandatory Quarantine For Travellers Will Work

RESPONDING to increased calls for a mandatory quarantine for travellers from abroad, the government finally confirmed it will quickly set about devising a system that will leave out all the sensible suggestions by experts in favour of committing to a half-assed approach that will achieve little in the fight against Covid-19. Here’s how Ireland’s 14-day… Read more »

Sales Of Grey Wigs & Walking Sticks Increase As Vaccination Of Over 70s To Begin

AS NEWS spreads that Ireland’s over-70s population will thankfully be next in line to receive Covid-19 vaccinations starting in February there was a disturbing trend emerging in online shopping. “Our busiest time of the year is Halloween naturally, but yeah we’ve sold over 1,000 grey wigs, walking sticks, off colour knitted jumpers and incontinence pants… Read more »

Micheál Martin’s Guide To Stating The Obvious

IN an exclusive interview with RTÉ radio’s Brendan O’Connor Taoiseach Micheál Martin unveiled how he keeps on top of things, staying one step ahead of all the challenges facing him as Ireland’s leader. “It will snow yesterday,” explained Martin, who has unfairly been accused of reacting too slowly at times to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic…. Read more »

‘Security Expert’ Tells WWN How To Handle Anti-Maskers In Shops

ONE LOCAL Krav Maga enthusiast and self-confessed security expert kindly sat down with WWN earlier today and explained how to solve a growing problem faced by retailers; that of belligerent, aggressive and troubling making individuals who refuse to wear masks when shopping. “Lights out, y’know, it’s that simple,” explained Derek Dollins while grabbing an imaginary… Read more »