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Man Gets Job With Delivery Company Just So He Can Deliver Package To Self He Ordered Months Ago

SICK of having to wait weeks for orders to never arrive despite receiving 20 separate text and email update about how ‘your package will be delivered today’, one local man has taken an unconventional approach to resolving the problem. 35-year-old Waterford man Fintan Folan has left behind a successful career in finance to become a… Read more »

Covid Numbers Even Starting To Concern Hardy Bastards

IRELAND’S coronavirus crisis has reached the point where even the hardest of chaws are having second thoughts about walking into a supermarket without a mask, a worrying new report has shown. Whereas tough nuts and hard bastards saw ‘no problems’ with flaunting regulations during the 2020 phase of the pandemic, worryingly high new daily figures… Read more »

Isn’t It Time We Had A ‘Nollaig Na Fir’?

LOCAL MAN Richard Browne has marked this year’s Nollaig na mBan celebrations by asking if it’s not a little bit sexist for Irish women to have a day to themselves. “I thought it was sexist to single out a particular gender for special treatment, huh? Yeah, got ya! You didn’t think about that, did ya?,”… Read more »