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“Well, Sure You Know What Your Father’s Like”

ABSENTMINDEDLY trotting out her go-to phrase she hopes diffuses whatever family tensions have arisen now, local mother Eve Carton has once again confirmed “sure, you know what your father’s like”. “I don’t even listen to whatever the kids are complaining about now, I just read the frustration on their faces and tell them he’s not… Read more »

Woman’s Day Ruined After Seeing One Single Magpie

A LOCAL woman has been left fearing the worst after setting her eyes on a single, solitary magpie, WWN can report. ClĂ­odhna Hennity, not one for taking chances, has taken the hint provided by the little black and white portent of doom and has now begun preparing her body and mind for a near-guaranteed onslaught… Read more »

Local Catholic Can’t Believe Ireland Not More Respectful Of Religion That Oversaw Unspeakable Acts Of Horror

“A BIT Of balance and respect isn’t too much to ask for,” offered local Catholic Jonathan Cady, who felt too much emphasis in the media is placed on the Church’s track record of overseeing unrelenting acts of horror in Ireland. “I’m sick of the sensationalism too; ‘they fought against marriage equality’ this, ‘they hid child… Read more »