Local Man Who Has Never Protested Wondering Why People Aren’t Out On The Streets Protesting


ONE LOCAL Waterford man has once again expressed his significant anger at the state of the country’s political class, in addition to even more pronounced frustration at the fact the Irish public seems incapable of protesting.

“I’ll tell you this much, energy prices could quadruple again, and house builds could be halved and still you wouldn’t get the lazy compliant Irish out protesting,” observed Cormac Hegley, himself a veteran of precisely zero protests.

“Absolutely pathetic, if the current state of things doesn’t get people protesting nothing will – the politicians aren’t afraid of ploughing on with the lining the pockets of the rich,” added Hegley, showing no desire himself to seek out news of any planned protests for fear he might actually have to turn up to one.

“We don’t do protests in this country for some reason, could you imagine? Protests against the SiteServ sale? The Mother and Baby Home report review being dropped, the Maternity Hospital going to the nuns? God forbid you’d get rained on or something out on the streets,” continued Hegley, not all that interested in the actual subjects he touched on, just very content to have something to moan about.

Informed of a number of small-scale protests which took place in relation to these things, and of an upcoming cost of living protest, Hegley confirmed his unavailability but before insisting “sure protesting never works anyway”.

“You know me, I’d be out there in a heartbeat, but have you seen the types at these protests? Lefty hippy loonies, bit of a joke to be honest,” concluded Hegley, reserving the right to repeat these complaints weekly for as long as he lives.