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If Everyday Products Were Priced Like Irish Homes

WHILE MANY people feel the precious and untouchable logic of ‘the market’ is more deranged than Jack Nicholson in The Shining, we’re all thankful that aside from housing Ireland is a cheap and affordable place to live. But what if that wasn’t the case? WWN put some estate agents to work and had them appraise… Read more »

“We Need Affordable Housing, But If My Home’s Value Drops By One Euro I’ll Burn This Fucking Country To The Ground”

LOCAL HOMEOWNER Liam Currens is acutely aware of the damage rising house prices are having on the first time buyers’ prospects and is joining a growing number of homeowners calling for radical housing market interventions by the government with one small caveat. “My heart breaks for people like that, my own daughter included, which is… Read more »

“When I Grow Up I Want To Own A Home” Now More Outlandish Than ‘Astronaut’, ‘Superhero’

SCHOOLCHILDREN are raising the eyebrows of teachers who struggle to contain their laughter as they confess to wanting to become a homeowner when they grow up, WWN can reveal. “Now now Jack, what about something a little more… realistic like being Spiderman, Beyoncé or the first person to land on Mars?” senior infants teacher Maura… Read more »

Handy Tips When Saving For A Mortgage

SO YOU’VE started on the road which you hope will end with you becoming a homeowner/saddled with debt for 30 years. But did you know that many first time buyers fail to identify simple and effective ways to save for that all important deposit? WWN’s financial expert Freddie Knobbs has those vital tips that could… Read more »

People Directly Responsible For Mica Scandal Enjoy Another Perfect Night Of Uninterrupted Sleep

WITH the taxpayer on the hook for the improved €2.2bn Mica redress scheme which remains utterly deaf to the concerns of the homeowners affected, WWN can confirm that those involved in acquiring and supplying the defective blocks have had another flawless night of uninterrupted sleep. “None of that mindfulness app whale ‘sounds of the sea’… Read more »