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“I’ve Listened To Your Housing Concerns & You’re Right It’s All Sinn Féin’s Fault”

IT’S been a humbling few days for the Taoiseach, his party and the three-party coalition government, but he has put his exceptional listening skills to use and truly engaged with the plight of renters and first time buyers. “I’ve listened to your concerns about the housing crisis, and you’re right it’s all Sinn Féin’s fault,”… Read more »

“Guys, You’re Not Going To Believe This But Apparently There’s A Housing Crisis?” Astounded Government Tells Public

BARELY stopping for breath in between sentences, leading figures from Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and the Green Party are eager to alert the Irish public to a shocking discovery which is sure to blow everyone’s minds. “Guys, have you ever heard of this thing, I think they call it a ‘house sing Chrysler’ or something?… Read more »