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Donegal Told They Can Have Train Or 100% Redress, Not Both

MICA-struck homeowners in the north west have been told that there’s a certain amount of ‘Donegal Dosh’ in the kitty for either the rebuilding of their homes or the construction of a new rail corridor, whichever they prefer. “It’s either, not both” declared a spokesperson for the Department of Housing, flanked by a nodding mouthpiece… Read more »

Student Accommodation Crisis: “Just Live In Your Old Pair’s Dublin Apartment Rent Free Like I Did”

ON HAND to offer his expertise, free of charge to students deferring their start in college due to a lack of affordable accommodation is recently graduated former student and current benefactor of his parents’ hard work and wealth, Jonathan Dowdy Hall. Moved by the difficulty being endured by students, Dowdy Hall shares his indispensable knowledge… Read more »

“Linking Rent To Inflation Was Our Terrible Idea First” Complain Sinn Féin

MARKING THE first time Fine Gael have semi-successfully landed a ‘well actually Sinn Féin is to blame for that’ barb, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar sort-of correctly asserted that pursuing a policy of rent increases linked to inflation was first suggested by the opposition party. “Hey, that was our surface level, crowd pleasing and short-sighted idea first… Read more »