Leitrim Home Given Dublin Eircode By Mistake Now Valued At €1.4mn


THE IRISH property market is reeling from an An Post error which has seen one rural Irish house given a Dublin Eircode, sparking panic and delight in equal measure in property industry circles.

“I’m sorry I know it’s a converted cow on a flood plane built on a secret nuclear weapon testing site, but its Eircode begins with D04, so you know the rules,” a gleeful estate agent said as he showed a couple around the modest home.

First appearing like an inconsequential error with a simple solution, property speculators have spied the Leitrim case as a way to combat a downturn in Dublin prices as a result of the advent of remote working.

“Yes, all we needed to up prices outside of Dublin by 10% was just a dozen examples of people leaving the capital for a better quality of life, but if we just issue everywhere with Dublin Eircodes we can artificially inflate prices at a much quicker pace,” shared one speculator, who was worried there for a second.

The Drunamore home’s online listing has been changed to reflect its Eircode with the property now described as ‘5 minutes from the Luas, within walking distance of Dublin city centre and Wicklow, and deceptively spacious’.

“I know this makes no sense and yet I can’t seem to stop myself, it’s like I’m under a spell” said one couple attempting to outbid a €1.4mn offer on the pitiful piece of land.