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Useless Housing Bill Everyone Fucking Hates To Pass Dáil Vote With Flying Colours

ADVERTISED as a way to make it easier for councils to deliver affordable homes and rentals on public lands, the Land Development Agency (LDA) bill in its current form could see public lands used by private developers to develop and sell unaffordable properties only exacerbating the long standing housing issues in Ireland. “More Marxist rhetoric… Read more »

Genius New Housing Plan Involves Paying A Fuck Tonne Of Cash To Airbnb Landlords

NEW and prospective home owners, renters, and the homeless have all breathed a sigh of relief after the recently installed three-party coalition government unveiled impressive plans for housing which at first and twelfth glance amounted to throwing cash at landlords. “If it’s a seemingly well intentioned idea that ultimately just serves to line the pockets… Read more »

Covid-19 Appointed Housing Minister After Freezing Rents, Evictions & Securing Beds For Homeless

THE FINE GAEL caretaker government has been praised for fast-tracking the Covid-19 pandemic into the position of Minister for Housing, in a grown up move that set aside the usual political infighting and sniping. Ireland, bizarrely left without a housing minister since 2017, has rewarded Covid-19’s selfless ingenuity and diligent hard work behind the scenes,… Read more »