Work-From-Home Lifestyle May See All Houses Reach Dublin Prices, Economists Promise


CONCERNS that the new work-from-home culture could see a more fair and sustainable standard of life for people living in non-urban areas around the country have been dismissed by a team of economists today, who have assured everyone that the ‘new normal’ will be just as expensive as the pre-covid days.

“To the young lady from Mayo who had to travel to Dublin and pay €1,800 a month in rent to keep working in her chosen field, who may have been worried that she could now do that job from her hometown while paying only €600 a month to rent a bigger apartment, we say relax; we’ll get that Mayo price up by 1,200 quid in no time,” said a spokesperson for the WFH review board.

“We may have all realised now that we can do Dublin-based jobs from anywhere in the nation, but that doesn’t mean that we should be expecting to dodge Dublin rents. Waves of standardisation methods are on their way, so sit tight, we’ll get that troublesome extra money from you as quickly as we can”.

When asked if the advent of working from home was perhaps the perfect chance to lower rents nationwide and lower house prices, the Department for Finance stepped in and stressed that ‘that’s not really how things work around here’.

“Please understand our entire economy is based around a large number of you living in Dublin, paying a fortune, buying a coffee on the way to work and ploughing into your overdraft by the end of each month” the statement read.

“If you lot don’t want to live in Dublin, that’s fine. But we’re going to make sure that there’s no culture-shock for anyone who suddenly finds themselves with the means to escape the rental trap and rising house prices. In just a year or so, it’ll be as dear to rent or buy a flat in Moate as it is in Dublin. You’re welcome!”.