New Glenn Close Housing Estate Officially Opened In Waterford By Hollywood Actress


NOT WANTING to be the only person missing out on the sure thing investment that is build-to-rent accommodation in Ireland, Hollywood titan and acting great Glenn Close was in Waterford to officially unveil new leafy housing estate, Glenn Close.

“It’s got everything young families could want, there’s green spaces over at Albert Nobbs Park, the Fatal Attraction heated bunny pond, the 101 Dalmatians dog park,” shared one letting agent, showing around prospective funds looking to get in on the action.

“Any teenagers looking for their first shift, there’s the Dangerous Liaisons spot beneath the streetlights, making it the ideal place to be caught by your parents for staying out too late,” added the agent.

Situated at the foot of a narrow valley and just a 15-minute drive from Waterford City, Glenn Close is set to become the premier place in the county for luxurious living, however, the actor’s decision to build it in the first place has been questioned repeatedly.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Glenn Close didn’t just build Glenn Close estate because Glenn Close has the same name as Glenn Close, it’s a wise investment, nothing more,” added Close’s closest advisor on Glenn Close’s Glenn Close estate.

Close’s housing project is just the latest example of famous people investing their wealth and diversifying their portfolio, including Tom Hanks’ Lamb Shanks, Tony Yeboah Feather Boa Emporium, Ed Sheeran’s Barbers and Steffi Graf’s Giraffe Safari.