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God Fires Writing Team

CITING a series of monumental fuck ups as the main reasoning behind his latest executive decision, God the almighty has made over 50 heavenly writers redundant this week after a spate of lazy story lines and unimaginative scenarios for his ongoing epic saga called Earth. “Kanye fucking West running for the US elections? I should… Read more »

God Ignores Yet Another Prayer Notification On His Phone

GLANCING at the home screen preview of the latest prayer notification on his iPhone Xs, God the Almighty made a mental note to look up how to turn off the ‘blasted notifications’ once and for all, which are now running into the tens of billions. “Dear God, please take care of my grandad as he is very…” pinged yet another… Read more »

BREAKING: God Arrested For Tax Evasion

THE International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO-INTERPOL) has today confirmed the early morning arrest of one, God Almighty, following the longest running tax evasion cases in human history. Over 8,000 police officers from 114 countries worked tirelessly for the past 70 years building a case against the so-called creator of the universe, who is estimated to owe a sum of 400… Read more »

Virgin Mary To Sue God Over Unpaid Child Support

THE religious community has been shocked by the news that Mary, mother to Jesus Christ, is to take God to court over unpaid child maintenance payments dating back thousands of years. Described as an ‘absentee father’ in court documents seen by WWN, the deity could be in line to pay child support costs running into… Read more »

Richard Dawkins Doesn’t Exist, Claim Christians

A small group of fervent Christians have today announced that international best selling author and prominent atheist Richard Dawkins does not exist. What at first appeared to be an unlikely news story has quickly grown into the top international news story in many countries. The author of The God Delusion and several other books has… Read more »