Richard Dawkins Doesn’t Exist, Claim Christians


A small group of fervent Christians have today announced that international best selling author and prominent atheist Richard Dawkins does not exist.

What at first appeared to be an unlikely news story has quickly grown into the top international news story in many countries. The author of The God Delusion and several other books has found himself on the front pages of the world’s most respected publications, many of which are openly questioning his existence.

The Christian group responsible for the story, North Ohio: God’s Own Device (NOGOD) church, have remained resolute in the face of much media interest.

“We have the proof” said the groups leader Leroy Grantham when interviewed by WWN (however, the preacher refused to show our reporter the evidence).

The 74 year-old went on to challenge those who believe in the existence of Richard Dawkins, “He has not denied he does not exist so I think that says it all. Have you ever been in the same room as him?Well then you just don’t know he’s real!” proffered the elderly preacher.

Mr. Grantham went on to share his fears about Atheism with WWN, “I saw that film Inception and I get the feeling Atheism is sort of like that only with less attractive people. They are trying to wake me up when I’m dreaming; it’s terrifying”.

Atheists throughout the world have expressed their disgust at the claims made by the NOGOD group, the general sentiment being summed up by the blogger Atheist Blogger: “It’s beyond stupid and offensive to call into question the existence of Richard Dawkins. I feel I shouldn’t waste my breath on what is a desperate PR stunt”.

This brief statement highlights the ever increasing tension between the Christian right and the atheist community which recently came under heavy criticism when a full page ad entitled ‘God: the World’s first PR stunt’ ran in a number of American newspapers.

This story shows no signs of slowing as BBC’s flagship current affairs show Newsnight will tonight lead its programme with a ‘Richard Dawkins: Immaculate Deception?’ feature.

Both God and Richard Dawkins were unavailable for comment when contacted by WWN.