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Read Fine Gael’s Manifesto Here & Then Take A Shower

WWN’s expert analysis of every party manifesto as part of our 2020 general election continues with Fine Gael’s slickly designed love letter to high earners and multinationals which came with free novelty socks, selfie stick and poorly researched stereotypes about autism. Dive in for the highlights: Min. for Finance Paschal Donohoe lambasted the reckless ‘con… Read more »

Fine Gael Leave Catherine Noone To Guard The Base

FINE GAEL Senator Catherine Noone has been given one of the most important jobs a politician could possibly be given during a general election campaign; staying behind and ‘guarding’ headquarters while everyone else goes out canvassing. Noone, who landed in hot water this week after referring to the Taoiseach as being on the autistic spectrum,… Read more »

WWN Runs Through Sinn Féin’s Manifesto

WWN will be bringing expert analysis of every party manifesto as part of our 2020 general election. With the election campaign now in its 245th day, we look at Sinn Fein’s manifesto which was unveiled yesterday. Is it a case of free money for everyone? Turbo communism with a dash of Celtic jerseys? Something that… Read more »

Recap: The RTÉ Leaders Debate

THE RTÉ Claire Byrne Live debate breathed new, depressing life into the 2020 general election campaign last night and WWN has all the low lights to share with readers. Defining itself in opposition to Virgin Media One’s dreary two-way leaders debate hosted by and participated in by three rigid artificially intelligent Artificial Intelligence robots, last… Read more »

Fine Gael Election Promises Just List Of Things They Were Supposed To Do While In Power

GLAD-HANDING the general public with ferocious intent, Fine Gael candidates have been pounding the nation’s pavements dutifully parroting the promises, claims and talking points given to them by senior party officials, which it transpires are just a list of things Fine Gael should have and quite conceivably could have done while in power these last… Read more »

5 Jobs You Can Still Do At 68

THE 2020 general election has once again pulled the onerous issue of the pension age into the spotlight, with workers currently scheduled to reach pension age at the spry age of 67, rising to 68 in 2029. But with many workers forced to retire from their jobs at 65, this leaves a few years where… Read more »