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Fine! We’ll Send Dustin Again Next Year So

FLYING off the handle in a fit of rage, the Irish nation has threatened the Eurovision with audiovisual terrorism by pledging to once again send Dustin the Turkey as a Eurovision entry if they insist on getting Irish people’s hopes up every year only to humiliate them. “Do you want a Dustin? Because not letting… Read more »

Here’s Your Eurovision 2022 Drinking Game

THERE’S no way in the wide earthly world that the Eurovision song contest can be enjoyed sober, so here’s a handy drinking game to help you through hour after hour of what is often referred to as ‘musical hell’. Choose your alcohol of choice, and then take: 1 drink – Every time a saxophone solo… Read more »

Eurovision Very Gay These Days, Confirms Dad

WATERFORD man Dennis Markey couldn’t help but notice during last night’s Eurovision semi-final event that the whole thing has just gotten ‘very flamboyant’, a far cry from the deadly serious, life-or-death event it once was. “It wasn’t always this ‘gay’, was it?” mused Markey, watching Ireland’s entrant Lesley Roy fail to qualify for Saturday’s final… Read more »

The Eurovision Entries That Make Israeli Slaughter Of Palestinians Worth It

WWN ENTERTAINMENT is your one stop shop for all things Eurovision and we’re here to tell you if you were about to feel in any way conflicted about watching the joyously kitsch camp-fest because of Israel’s crimes in Palestine, then worry no more. Innocent Palestinian women and children being murdered, bombed, maimed or whatever you’re… Read more »

Israeli War Crimes < Eurovision

RTÉ have urged the country not to bother looking into the litany of atrocities carried out by the Israeli government against the people of Palestine between now and the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv on May 16th, as they may dampen the nation’s enthusiasm for catchy tunes and a dazzling stage show. The statement… Read more »

Palestine Granted Permission To Compete In Eurovision 2019

FOLLOWING in the footsteps of Australia and other non-European countries, Palestine has been granted permission to compete in next year’s competition by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), WWN can confirm. Just hours after Israel won on Saturday’s final, the contest’s governing body, the Reference Group, and the EBU’s Television Committee accepted the proposal which was brought… Read more »