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Solutions To The Amazon Rainforest Fires

IN THE WAKE of Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro rejecting G7 leaders’ offer to pledge $20 million to fight deliberately set fires raging in the Amazon rainforest, calls for more practical and harmonious solutions and collaborations to the current crisis have been made. But what would such practical solutions to these fires look like under a… Read more »

Kinahan Cartel To Use Recyclable Drug Packaging From 2020

THE Kinahin cartel has become the latest multi-billion euro consumer goods group to undertake pledges on recycling plastic packaging by vowing to use 100% recyclable wrapping on all drug shipments from 2020, an associate confirmed today. The shift will see Europe’s biggest importer and distributor of illegal narcotics paving the way to become the leading ecological cartel… Read more »

Climate Change: The Facts

WITH ‘EXTINCTION REBELLION’ protests entering into their 8th day and arrests of climate activists piling up, there is a clear and growing cohort of people who are refusing to let large corporations and world leaders get away with doing nothing to combat climate change. But just what are the facts behind climate change and the… Read more »