“This 16-Year-Old Girl Infuriates Me” Confirm Angry Middle-Aged Men


ANGRY MIDDLED-AGED men have presented a unified front and announced that henceforth all their rants in public, private and online will be reduced to one single-issue; 16-year-old climate action activist Greta Thunberg.

Thunberg, a mainstay in the news for much of the last year due to her on-going climate crisis school strike, being put forth for a Nobel Prize nomination and sailing across the Atlantic to raise awareness for the need for climate action, has been on the receiving end of consternation and condescension from middle-aged men who are struggling to figure out why she makes them so angry.

“I don’t like it, she’s a young female teenager and the world is paying attention to her. They’re treating her protests with the sort of seriousness I’ve never been treated with in my home,” confirmed one representative for the Angry Middle Aged Support Group (AMASG) and father of three daughters who challenge his political stances on a daily basis.

Members of the AMASG have clocked up an impressive number of hours carefully tracking the 16-year-old girl’s movements and utterances, spying for a way to accuse her of being a hypocrite or foolish, and in the process the men have understandably earned respect the world over.

“Eh, she bangs on about climate change but last time I checked she’s a human, living on earth…hypocrite much?” confirmed another AMASG member, whose anger won’t be quenched until Thunberg is never seen or heard from again in the media or until he addresses the underlying issues which are driving him to bully a child online.

“Oh, and I’m not ‘angry’ I’m just incredibly, incredibly mad which is entirely different and logical. Big deal she’s on a boat, does she think being on the boat is going to reverse climate change, which doesn’t even exist?” added the man of a certain vintage, delighting in his take down of the silly naive teenager who presumably stated very clearly before embarking on her voyage that a single boat trip would reverse the effects climate change immediately?