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Sea Levels To Rise By 10 Inches, Displacing Millions & Causing Refugee Crisis Anyway Here’s Your MTV VMA Highlights

A NEW study has provided the starkest warnings yet about the accelerated damage climate change could do, with the melting of Greenland ice caps seeing a 10-inch rise in sea levels even if carbon emissions are reduced. In the case of carbon emissions continuing at current rates a multi-metre sea-level rise appears likely but anyway… Read more »

Data Centre Granted Planning For Moher Cliff Face

AN BORD Plean├íla has granted permission for the first of 9 data centres which will be constructed onto the side of the Cliffs of Moher which will benefit from the cliff’s cold temperatures and damp atmosphere to help keep vital data for multi-national companies cool, WWN has learned. “You won’t even notice them, and the… Read more »

Government Will Look Into Claim ‘Ireland Least Prepared For Winter Gas Crisis’ In March Next Year

WARNINGS from experts that Ireland is ill-prepared for a potential energy shortage in winter is being taken very seriously by the government who are poised to sanction swift action, WWN can reveal. “We take all expert views seriously and my department is intent on assessing such scenarios for winter 2022, a paper will be prepared… Read more »

‘Wind Energy Causes Erectile Dysfunction’ & 5 More Things We Learned From Our Meeting With Gas & Oil Chiefs

PEOPLE who think that wind farms are the solution to our energy needs haven’t considered their potentially lethal side effects, according to a new report released by some of the world’s gas and oil giants. During a press conference we attended, we heard that anyone arguing for renewable energy sources should consider the following: 1)… Read more »

We Compare Taylor Swift’s Carbon Emissions With Taylor Who Drives Drives A Suzuki Swift

THE TRACKING of high net worth celebrities with private jets revealed Taylor Swift’s private jet took 170 flights in the first half of the year generating over 8,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. WWN, in conjunction with Swift’s PR team, poses the question; could emissions largely be the fault of 1% of the global population who… Read more »