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Rotten Luck! This Bee Has A Pollen Allergy

“Bssssshatschibssssssshatschi!” This is what it sounds like when honey bee Annie goes about her work. The 39-day-old suffers from a pollen allergy – a particularly tough bit of bad luck for someone in her industry. “My grandparents on both sides were pollen collectors, my parents too – there was no question what I would do… Read more »

Dublin Canals Run Clear Amid Covid Lockdown Revealing Beautiful Shopping Trolleys, Handguns

MIRRORING incredible scenes in Venice, where tourist-free canals produced fantastic displays of marine life swimming freely in the now clear waters below, Dublin followed suit with some beautiful sights of its own. Vintage Quinnsworth shopping trolleys, bikes, discarded handguns and a treasure trove of relics from times gone by are now visible in the once… Read more »

Vaping Coal To Be Enforced Across Ireland

COAL which vaporizes into a heat-less, smokeless plume is to be enforced across the country from January 1st, 2020 and will come in a variety of fruity fragrances, WWN has learned. The new fuel is expected to bring Ireland’s carbon emissions in line with its European counterparts while also curtailing the number of fire related… Read more »

Irish Rail’s Guide To Recycling

AFTER IRISH Rail confirmed on Twitter yesterday that all the coffee and tea cups they use are recyclable but that they don’t actually recycle them because on closer inspection they aren’t actually recyclable in Ireland and they weren’t recycling them in the first place anyway, the Irish public is even more keen to learn some… Read more »

Greta Thunberg Sinks Five Oil Tankers & Hijacks Two Merchant Ships Loaded With Plastic During Journey Across The Atlantic

Acting with truly inspiring cruelty and vengeance despite her young age, Greta Thunberg has already downed five tankers and hijacked several merchant ships with plastic-laden containers during her journey across the Atlantic. The young activist, who is due in Madrid today to attend the Climate Summit held from the 2nd-13th of December, has given orders… Read more »

Greta Thunberg Ditches Climate Crusade After Falling For Bad Ass In Souped-Up Honda

OUTSPOKEN Scandinavian upstart Greta Thunberg has finally realised that there’s more to life than relentlessly campaigning against climate change after striking up a relationship with a 17-year-old boy racer who drives around town in a heavily-modded, petrol-chugging 1998 Honda Civic. Precocious Swede Thunberg proved herself to be a massive pain in the hole for world… Read more »