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Johnson Takes The ‘Doesn’t Need To Resign’ Type Of ‘Full Responsibility’

BRITISH PM Boris Johnson has marked the grim milestone of 100,000 people dying from Covid by taking ‘full responsibility’ for a litany of failures and scandals that have exacerbated the Covid-19 crisis. “Now, not the the ‘full responsibility’ that means I’ll step down you understand,” clarified Johnson, seconds after taking the fullest of responsibility. “Just… Read more »

White House Unveil Official Lapdog

US PRESIDENT Joe Biden has unveiled an official White House lapdog to compliment ‘First Dogs’ Champ and Major, WWN understands. “Oh Boris is very attentive, but sadly not too bright. He does hang on President Biden’s every word though,” shared one official with knowledge of the talking Biden has done towards his new lapdog. Like… Read more »

Johnson Caught Trying To Shoplift EU Membership Benefits From Brussels Gift Shop

SEEMINGLY in Brussels under the pretense of facilitating Brexit negotiations over dinner with European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, British PM Boris Johnson has been apprehended by shopping centre security after trying to shoplift all EU membership benefits from the EU gift shop. “Oh cripes, ruddy well rumbled. My goose is cooked,” remarked Johnson… Read more »