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World Informed They Can Have Amazonian Rainforest Or Cheap Hamburgers, Not Both

THE Brazilian department of tree-choppage has presented a number of graphs to the world showing both the rise in Amazonian deforestation and the rise in agricultural development, starkly showing the delicate balance between maintaining the ‘lungs of the world’ and maintaining the price of a double cheeseburger. “Trees come down, agri land goes up, beef… Read more »

“We Only Hack People, Not Phones”

CHUCKLING with the sort of sociopathic remove required to be a member of the ruling family of a country that murders journalists and commits war crimes in Yemen, Mohammed bin Salman has sought to clear up accusations that Saudi Arabia orchestrated the hacking of Amazon billionaire and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos’s phone. “Oh you… Read more »

Solutions To The Amazon Rainforest Fires

IN THE WAKE of Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro rejecting G7 leaders’ offer to pledge $20 million to fight deliberately set fires raging in the Amazon rainforest, calls for more practical and harmonious solutions and collaborations to the current crisis have been made. But what would such practical solutions to these fires look like under a… Read more »

Amazon Purchases Guatemala To Use For Storage

INTERNET commerce giant Amazon Inc has acquired Guatemala, the now former Central American republic, with the purchase being fueled by Amazon’s need for storage space for the goods it sells as profits at the company continue to soar. The Jeff Bezos owned company made an unsolicited bid for the country which was accepted by the… Read more »