Bezos Suggests Flooding Rotterdam So Super Yacht Can Sail Over Bridge


FOLLOWING backlash from Rotterdam residents over a decision to dismantle an historic bridge to allow a super yacht built for Jeff Bezos to pass, the Amazon founder has made an alternative suggestion of his own, WWN reports.

“I get why they’re angry so why not just open the floodgates and let the sea reclaim Rotterdam for a bit while I sail this baby over the bridge instead,” said the quick-thinking billionaire, “once my €430 million yacht is through then just close the gates again – simple”.

Mr. Bezos’ new super yacht, which is being constructed in the lowlands of Holland, is too big for the historic Koningshaven Bridge, an issue which the 58-year-old is all too familiar with.

“I get that a lot, lol,” Bezos added, winking creepily, “they said my rocket was too big too and yet that managed to fit into space”.

However, the decision to dismantle the bridge is to go ahead, citing the mass drowning of Rotterdam civilians if the gates were to be opened.

“Ah, yeah, we won’t be doing that,” a statement from the local council read, “instead we will dismantle the 143-year-old bridge which we just restored 5 years ago and cause unknown traffic disruption for weeks just so the big rich man can show off his boat”.

In return for the inconvenience, Bezos has promised everyone in Holland 30% off their next Amazon order using the voucher code ‘BEND OVER HOLLAND’.