Drinking Irish Tap Water: We Investigate The Potentially Lethal New TikTok Challenge


PARENTS are being warned of the latest viral challenge that has so far left dozens of teenagers in rural Ireland with serious diarrhea – chugging glasses of water fresh from their kitchen tap.

It is believed that the spiking presence of E.coli  bacteria in dozens of water schemes gave birth to the challenge, where teenagers film themselves downing tap water and sitting back until they puke or shit themselves, for the amusement of themselves and their friends.

As fears grow that almost 500 supplies may be contaminated with no clear plan or budget for solving the problem, parents are being urged to keep an eye out for signs that their kids are ‘E.Coli-ing’ with their friends.

“Telltale signs include brown stains on their pants and trousers, puke on their tops, and wet glasses in their schoolbags,” said a spokesperson for Irish Parents Against Drinking Water.

“Please, this is much more than kids shitting themselves for laughs. E.coli poisoning can be fatal. As usual, we can’t rely on kids to look after themselves – once a challenge goes viral online, they’ll keep one-upping themselves for popularity. You’ll have a kid drink a pint of water, then another drinking a 2 litre bottle… there’s no sign of anyone fixing the problem, so it’s down to us to at least educate our kids of the dangers”.

The government has stated that they are aware of the problem, and that putting a ‘boil water notice’ in place like they normally do will probably sort it out.