“The Best Elvis Movie Is The Kit Kat Ad & I Won’t Be Convinced Otherwise”


LOCAL man Christopher Kiernan can conclusively say that after having been dragged to see ‘Elvis’ in the cinema by his wife, that the 1997 Kit Kat ad featuring The King remains the most faithful adaptation on the life of the music sensation.

“Tom Hanks was grand like, and I can see when the young ones do be getting the horn over yer man who plays Elvis but it’s not a patch on biopic that had on the TV back in the day, you’ll not sway me,” stated Kiernan matter of fact.

Despite his wife’s enjoyment of the picture Kiernan was disappointed that the film was not in anyway connected to the popular Kit Kate Cinematic Universe.

“I’m not a man for conspiracy theories but I just think when we all know he’s still out there, why have him dying in the film is all. Spoiler alerts and all that,” continued Kiernan, who confessed that there was too much music and singing in the movie for his liking.

Kiernan is not the only person who believes the artistic heights of the Kit Kat ad was the peak of art as we know it, with visual flair splashed on screen with rare and unmatched brio.

“Sometimes you’ve just got to hold your hands up and say those that went before you did it better,” admitted Elvis director Baz Luhrmann, who confirmed he would be switching out the reels of his movie in his cinemas for the superior cinematic achievement.