National Broadband ‘Plan’ Sued For False Advertising


REPORTS that the National Broadband Plan could end up costing €3 billion has prompted some plucky citizens to sue the government for false advertising.

The National Broadband ‘Plan’ to provide rural Ireland with half decent internet was first proposed as far back as when humans first evolved on this planet but has failed at every turn to become a cohesive plan with the scheme plagued by delays and recent scandal.

It is looking increasingly likely that the plan which will now cost 6 times the original estimates, will be delivered long after we’re all dead and shortly before God’s final judgement.

Leading legal experts have stated that the public has a very strong case against the current government when it comes to false advertising and could be set for a big pay out, seeing as there is no plan and no broadband for much of the country.

“I remember when the ‘plan’ was first announced, I was starting junior infants,” explained 93-year-old Michael Finnerty, one of the people suing the government.

“This is a ‘plan’ in the same way when I shit my pants after a particularly spicy Indian is a ‘plan’,” confirmed another irate member of the public, Vivian Bromley.

With the civil case official lodged, the government will now no longer be able to refer to the National Broadband ‘Plan’ without putting the ‘plan’ part in air quotes.