Local Man Can Be Reached On His Playstation If Anyone Needs Him


WITH the long awaited release of Red Dead Redemption 2, local gamer Peter O’Brien will only be reachable on his Playstation, if anyone needs him.

Unable to give a concrete time frame as to when he will return to his normal and more traditional communication methods and momentarily look away for his console and screen, O’Brien has stated that if his mother dies or something similarly not as important as playing RDR2 occurs, the only way he will absorb the information is via his Playstation.

With an online multi-player component available as part of the Western game, O’Brien could be stuck stewing in his own bodily fluids for weeks, even months without once coming up for air which made his decision to quit his job and focus full time on RDR2 all the easier.

“My waters have broken but there’s a glaze over his eyes, there’s no getting through to him,” O’Brien’s girlfriend told WWN as she drove herself to the hospital.

O’Brien, who has been waiting for the sequel to Red Dead Redemption to drop for what feels like years, has spent much of the week accumulating snacks and cans of Red Bull that could help him sustain an extensive gaming session without interruption.

“He just grunted before losing his shit over shooting someone through the neck,” added his girlfriend who has resigned herself to the fact she will be raising this child alone now.