How To Continue Buying Topshop Clothes Guilt Free, A Guide


WITH Topshop owner Philip Green named in the British Parliament as the man at the centre of a gagging order on the press surrounding claims of bullying, racism and sexual harassment, many shopping fans have voiced their anger.

Speaking as one, with a loud voice many avid shoppers and fans of the trendy Topshop outlet have made clear their anger at how such news puts them in an awkward, morally compromising position; while they side with all victims of such things, they also really, really, really like the clothes in Topshop.

Those looking for an easy way to enjoy a guilt free shop, without it looking like they are a massive hypocrite who doesn’t follow through on their brash statements about how victims of all kind of harassment and discrimination should be supported in the fullest, need look no further than WWN’s essential guide:

1) Fuck it, it’s not my problem

Even though you’ve called for the boycotting of products, institutions and people you were never interested in, it’s different when it’s your favourite shop. Fuck this is hard. But simply privately declare to yourself that it’s not your problem and free yourself. Sure, you’re still lining the pockets of a person accused of all sorts but…

2) Oh, shiny, nice dress


3) Don’t pay by card

Pay for your routine post-pay day Topshop haul by cash and dump the receipts, no one needs to know how shallow and selective your personal convictions are.

4) Keep talking the big talk

Don’t let anyone become suspicious that you might not be such a bold protector of those who suffer at the hands of people exploiting their power and privilege. Make sure to post on social media about how horrible you find it all. Oh and delete your browser history because you’re about 10 pages deep into the Topshop range online.

5) If caught…

Just talk about all the jobs in various outlets that would needlessly be lost if you refused to shop there. And all those kids who stitch them together in the first place.