BREAKING: Earth Will Suddenly Stop Spinning For 60 Minutes This Weekend


ASTRONOMY IRELAND has warned today that the planet is expected to stop spinning this Sunday morning, forcing billions of people across the world into utter chaos.

At approximately 2am Greenwich mean time, the earth will stop dead in its tracks for an incredible sixty minutes.

The national astronomy club insisted that the suspension in planets revolutions could affect the space and time continuum and warned world citizens that they may have to alter their timekeeping devices to sync-in with the celestial pause.

“Our team of experts predict that time will literally go back one full hour,” said chief astronomer of the group, Prof. Thomas Matthews, earlier. “People should secure all heavy furniture to the ground in their homes in preparation for the stop”.

“The earth spins at 1670 kilometres per hour and the sudden stop will no doubt send everything on it flying,” he added.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people across the country were drove into a state of hysteria following the news, with many hardware store shelves being left empty after the panic buying of metal brackets and various tools.

“Any store I went to this morning looked like it was looted,” said one worried shopper, “where am I going to get what I need to nail down my stuff?”

The Irish Army and civil defence announced it will set up make shift workshops around the country to help out homeowner’s with the ‘lockdown’.