We Got Our Public Service Card And It’s Awesome [SPONSORED]


HI GUYS, it’s your old pal WWN here again with another cracking sponsored review, this time for the incredible new Public Service Card from the government, and what can we say about this baby except WOW. We never knew we needed our private details to be included on a massive government database before, but holding this simple, intuitive credit card-sized identity card in our hands, we can really say we’re won over.

The cards aren’t mandatory right now because the government are still trying to figure out the correct way to make that happen in a nice, legal fashion that may involve significant changes to several articles of the constitution, but why wait from something to be forced upon you when you can just take our word that the card is fucking BRILLIANT and you should get one right now.

You might have heard some bad press about the PSC such as how it was forced on vulnerable people in receipt of social welfare payments under the threat of cancellation of their benefits, and how it may or may not eventually become a National Identity Card that will grant the government a database containing the private details of every man woman and child in the state, which they could then use for God knows what reason… but we’re here to tell you to not worry about anything like that. The card fits right in your wallet! It’s so easy!

The card doesn’t have many uses right now, but we’re incredibly excited for what it might be used for in the future… it’s already being used for passport applications with plans for driving license implications in the near future, but who knows what else you’ll need it for? Paying local property tax? Renewing your car insurance? It’s only a matter of time before you need your PSC for everything you do, so don’t delay in getting yours today!

PSC! PSC! Good for you! Good for me!

This post was sponsored by the Department of Social Protection. WWN was paid a gratuity for their efforts.