WWN Guide To Organising A Stag Night


WHETHER you’re the groom-to-be, the best man, or some lad who the groom kinda knows from work and felt that he had to ask along, everyone loves a stag night. But how do you make this ‘one last night of freedom’ really memorable? Follow our guide to help you and the lads have a mad one with the bantz and the lols and the deadliness:

1) Go overseas

There’s nothing people in these cash-strapped times love more than a wedding, except a wedding that also involves a weekend away in a different country where you spend hundreds of euro on drinking and getting sick. Don’t bother having your stag in Ireland; take everyone over to Birmingham for no good reason!

2) Bring the bride’s Da

Hey, if you’re asking every male person you know, why would you leave him out? Bring him along so that everyone can feel nice and uncomfortable throughout the whole trip.

3) Bring one ridiculously handsome lad

Everyone on a stag would like to think that they’re still teenagers, with the ability to pull any girl they want, even if the opposite is demonstrably true. So make sure to bring along some friend who’s leagues ahead of everyone else in the handsomeness stakes, just so everyone can watch him chat up girls with ease while they drink pint after pint to forget their horrible lives.

4) Dress the groom up in some daft outfit

Ha ha! This is hilarious, and everyone loves it. Well, except bouncers, who can see you coming a mile away and bar you on sight because the club has a ‘no stags’ policy. But still, legends!

5) Go go-karting

Is it really a stag if you don’t go go-karting? Marriages have been annulled for less, you know.