Local Man Can’t Wait To Watch New Spider-Man Reboot For 12th Time In 4 Years


A LOCAL Waterford man has confessed to being ‘overjoyed’ at the prospect of getting to see yet another Spider-Man movie, which deals with Peter Parker navigating his way through his adolescence while also contending with being a crime-fighting superhero.

“Now some people might say seeing that once or twice is enough, some people’s threshold only ends with eight or nine reboots but you know, I disagree,” shared Waterford City singleton Gavin Drowley.

“Just think if they do a story dealing with his teenage/college years, we could really be opened to seeing something we’ve never seen in a Spider-Man movie before,” added Drowley, who has spent over €4,000 on cinema tickets for Spider-Man movies over the years.

The latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Spider-Man Reboot Universe (MCSRU) sees Peter Parker played by not Toby Maguire or Andrew Garfield, and deals for the first time ever with a web slinging Spidey who has yet to reach adulthood.

Titled Spider-Man Homecoming, as all other possible Spider-Man related titles have been taken already by previous entires in the franchise, will see Peter Parker struggle to embrace and master his powers, offering something fans have only seen five, six times tops.

“I know it’s a lot to wish for, considering us movie fans have been spoiled with the stuff, but fingers crossed I can see more or less the same movie this time next year, but with a different actor playing Spider-Man again,” the excitable Drowley concluded.