There’s A “Rob” Kardashian, Apparently


WWN are receiving confirmed reports of the existence of a Robert “Rob” Kardashian, apparently a brother of the Kardashian sisters, who has generated headlines about himself with the aid of stories about his ex-wife or his house burning down or something.

“Rob”, who shares the family’s genetics with a tendency towards large breasts, a huge arse and constant need for attention, trended on Twitter last night following his tweets about Blac Chyna, which we are assured is not a typo of some sort.

Although there were a number of people who seemed to be already aware of the existence of this person, the public at large had no idea that the Kardashians had a little brother called Rob and as such were shocked, and indeed dismayed, to learn of him.

“Rob Kardashian… was he not OJs lawyer? Are you sure you have this right?” asked one person we talked to on the matter.

“Huh, well, okay. I’m sure he’s a great man and will use his wealth and fame to act as a UN ambassador to some impoverished nation or the other. The more Kardashians the better, right? Can’t have too much of a good thing, yeah?”

Since his appearance online, Rob Kardashian has been available for comment on literally anything, mostly without being asked by anyone.