Lovin’ Waterford: 5 Great Restaurants Where Your Kids Can Make A Show Of You


PARENTS looking to enjoy watching a nice warm plate of delicious food go cold while they wrestle their kids into submission in a restaurant have plenty of places to choose from. Almost every street in town has an eatery that is the ideal spot for your children to mortify you.

But here at Lovin’ Waterford, we believe in wasting our time and our money in only the best spots, so we’ve compiled the top 5 restaurants where your kids can KTFO and make a show out of you.

1) The Pea & Turret

The Pea & Turret is one of the best places to get a carvery lunch in Waterford, which makes it ideal for our list. There’s plenty of scope for you and your partner to struggle to maintain order among your kids, while simultaneously carrying trays of hot dinners to a pub table. Best of luck fitting everything on the table and bonus points if your kid fucks their chicken nuggets on the ground and kicks off!

2) McCathals

You’ve heard how amazing the chicken wings are in McCathals, and now’s the time to see other people try them while you try to calm your two kids after the wi-fi signal on your phone shits the bed and they freak the fuck out.

3) Lemonista

Lemonista has been frequently voted one of the best places in Waterford to eat if you’ve got no kids, head there with kids to find out why! Snotty waiters, judging looks from the patrons, and no children’s menu whatsoever! It’s the most deliciously frustrating 45 minutes you’ll have this week, we promise!

4) The park

It’s a nice day out, why not take the kids to the park for a picnic and a screaming match? All the hassle and hardship of taking them to a restaurant, but with the added frustration of knowing that you prepared this food yourself and it would have been really delicious, if you had a chance to eat any of it.

5) McDonalds

Hey, don’t overthink things. You don’t have to go to a nice restaurant for your kids to make you look like a dreadful parent- McDonalds will do nicely! Get a Happy Meal for each child and watch them break down in tears over God knows what while some 17-year-old burger flipper gives you daggers.