True Detective Season 3 To Solve Mystery Of Why Season 2 Was So Shit


PLOT details are emerging for the recently-announced third season of the HBO anthology series True Detective, which will deal with the still-unsolved mystery surrounding the terrible second season.

True Detective won millions of fans and massive critical acclaim following the release of its first season, which starred Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as grizzled detectives trying to crack a decade-spanning murder conspiracy over the course of 8 increasingly thrilling, incredibly acted episodes.

However, season two of the show starred Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughan, with nobody quite sure what it was about due to nobody getting past episode 4 because it was, according to sources, ‘shite’.

With season 3 about to go before cameras, plot leaks have revealed that the crime being investigated this year will be how the usually-dependable HBO managed to rob so much time from its viewers by producing such a dreadful follow-up to the much loved first season.

“It’s the crime of the decade; depriving boxset-bingers of a good show,” said one TV historian, who writes nine blogs.

“Casting Vince Vaughan and Colin Farrell to replace McConaughey and Harrelson… not having a scene as good as when that young one handcuffed Woody to the couch… these are all crimes that HBO carried out, and hopefully this new season will get to the bottom of why they did it”.

The cast for season 3 is currently being put together, with Colin Farrell to be played by Jack Reynor, and an old pillow signed up to play Vince Vaughn.