Adorable! These Baby Pictures Of Hillary Clinton Will Melt Your Heart


FOLLOWING her successful candidacy bid for the Democratic nomination for US presidency, Hillary Clinton embraced her moment in history, becoming the first woman in the 240-year life of the United States to lead the presidential ticket of a major political party.

So, who exactly is the next potential American president? What was her childhood like growing up? To celebrate her groundbreaking achievement, we have exclusively sourced some of the most adorable baby pictures of Hills yet. Take a look.


Just seconds old, Hillary Diane Rodham hatched out of her egg in 1947 to parents Hugh and Dorothy after being incubated for several weeks. She was one of 28 siblings, which she later ate upon arriving into the world.

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It wasn’t long before the little dote began walking and eating flies all by herself. Even at this early age, her independence shone through, despite all the tough obstacles she had to face growing up as a young lizard.


Hillary’s sharp tongue and cunning ability to camouflage herself in a male run world, soon made her one of the most revered politicians on the scene, eating anything, or anyone, that got in her way.


It wasn’t long before Hillary met the love of her life, Bill, a fellow predator who found his future wife while out hunting for younger prey/eggs, a delicacy which he still enjoys today. This picture of the teenage couple courting hangs above their bedroom wall to help remind them what it was once like to be young, free and in love.