Leaving Cert Student Acting Like He’s The Only One To Ever Do The Exams


A VISIBLY stressed and panicked Leaving Cert student has taken self-centred behaviour to a shocking new level with the commencement of exams today.

17-year-old Ciaran Owens has shocked his family and neighbours with his diva like behaviour as he can’t seem to contain himself as the most important examinations of his life begin today.

“You’d swear I didn’t go through this 30 years ago, the prick,” the student’s father Derek Owens shared with WWN, “asking for a lift to school to make sure he got in on time. Would you ever get over yourself”.

Ciaran, who earlier in the year asked his parents to purchase a ‘study desk’ has evolved in recent months into a selfish shadow of his former self, as he continually drones on and on about the pressure of exams.

“If I hear one more thing about Maths Paper 1, I’ll shove it up his hole. D’ya think he asked me anything about my crippling Leaving Cert flashbacks? No, it’s all ‘me, me, me’ with him,” Ciaran’s mother Angela explained.

The Waterford-based student is due home shortly after 6pm this evening when it is expected he won’t shut up about the exams for a good 3 hours.

“Yeah, alright, you’ve got exams that could affect your life in a huge way, but Jesus Christ shut up about it, pissing and moaning nonstop,” Ciaran’s grandmother Doreen Owens shared.