Ireland’s Top 5 Poisonous Creatures


ST. PATRICK chased all the snakes from Ireland? Keep telling yourself that. This Emerald Isle is teeming with deadly wildlife, waiting to feast on Irish citizens. Join us as we talk you through the five deadliest creatures in the Irish natural world.

Tipperary Confusion Bug

Like many parasites, the life cycle of Tipperary Confusion Bug is a constant chain of ingestion and re-emergence. The bug, predominant in the Tipperary region although variants exist across the country, is ingested by ordinary people. Rather than be sickened by hosting this parasite, the person then feels a strange attachment to the germ feeding on them from the inside, even though the only one who gains anything is the TCB itself. Some hosts have been known to voluntarily re-ingest the worm every few years, highlighting its bizarre and deadly powers over the human mind.

Black ‘N White Stomach Grub

With a sleek black thorax and a milky white head, the world famous Black ‘N White stomach grub is one of Ireland’s greatest natural predators. Enticing hapless individuals to its nest, it has been known to form an unbreakable stranglehold around its prey, slowly choking the life out of it. Although native to Ireland, the grub has made its way to countries across the world, with many marveling in both its magnificent simplicity and its deadly reputation.

Great Northern Bearded Chameleon

With the ability to avoid tricky predators by changing its mannerisms and daily routine, the Great Northern Bearded Chameleon has survived in the wild for decades. When cornered by predatory forces, the GNBC has been able to defend itself by changing its colour from dark to bright, then claiming that it was never dark in the first place. Although much is known about the Chameleon’s original habitat, trying to establish a clear timeline as to how it became such a massive figure in the Irish natural landscape has baffled experts.

Kerry Meerkat

Be careful around the Kerry Meerkat; although this comical looking creature may seem harmless, it has a bite just as powerful as the biggest animals in the land. Often seen in pairs and recognisable by their shrill, warbling manner of communication, the Kerry Meerkat appears at first to be doing no harm to anyone, but closer inspection reveals a ruthless predator that works tirelessly to ensure its own nest is well stocked.

Maltese Viper Bird

Although native to Ireland, the Maltese Viper Bird gained its name by flying abroad for most of the year, returning every so often to strike hard and fast at its enemies. Feasting on food gathered by birds across the country, the Maltese Viper Bird is perhaps the deadliest creature in Ireland, although wildlife authorities have done little or nothing to protect other species from its deadly claws. No stranger to other deadly animals, the Maltese Viper Bird has been known to join forces with the Tipperary Confusion Bug in the past, teaming up to maximise their food supply at the expense of every animal in the country.