Taoiseach Will Approve Inquiry Into Nama Deal Once He’s Certain It Won’t Cause Him Problems


THE Taoiseach Enda Kenny has today reaffirmed his intention to seek no inquiry of any shape or form into the controversial ‘Project Eagle’ sale by NAMA to American firm Cerberus, until such a time as he can guarantee an inquiry won’t cause him any problems.

Kenny has rejected calls from opposition TDs and parties to open an inquiry due in small part to the fact Fine Gael don’t yet know how bad such an inquiry would make them look.

“This minority government is about as fragile as an egg on a rollercoaster, so Enda will hold off on an inquiry until the lads have a root around to make sure none of this blows back on the government,” a government insider explained to WWN.

Thus far, the Taosieach has shown little appetite for allowing an inquiry to explore the controversial sale, which has so resulted in the arrest of two people by British authorities.

However, it is believed the Fine Gael leader will be more than happy to green light a costly inquiry once he can be assured of the fact that no one connected to the government can be found to be at fault for any wrongdoing.

“Did we sleep walk into allowing NAMA too much freedom in its dealings with billion dollar property funds, did anyone in there lose the run of themselves and ignore the proper bidding process for a brown envelope or two? We don’t have a fucking clue so we’re determined to find this out before an inquiry is set up, so we can limit our exposure to it all,” confirmed a government source.