DISTURBING! This Toddler’s First Word Was ‘ISIS’


IN yet another incident which shows ISIS’s quick march toward the ending of Western civilisation is growing ever closer, a toddler has been arrested in South Carolina, America after menacingly uttering the terrorist group’s name as his very first word.

“We are limited in what we can say of the terrorist mastermind behind this particular attack on our values and way of life, but he has been fast tracked to Guantanamo and we may keep the facility open just for him,” confirmed lead CIA investigator Garrett McCormick.

The 18-month old ISIS member and toddler Reece Coppinger was heard loudly uttering the word ‘ISIS’ in a disturbing tirade while in a carefully positioned pram in a queue with his mother and sister in a Starbucks coffee shop.

“While media reports have suggested the terrorist was simply repeating the name of his 12-year-old sister Isis Coppinger, named after the Bob Dylan song ‘Isis’, we would caution against jumping conclusions in the absence of knowing the full facts, which we have at our disposal,” concluded McCormick.

Reece Coppinger now faces life in solitary confinement for his act of terror.

It is still unclear how ISIS infiltrated the toddler’s sick and twisted mind, but conventional wisdom suggests they somehow placed themselves inside his mother’s womb for the duration of her pregnancy.