Local Man Waiting On David Mahon Sentence Before Deciding On Killing Neighbour


DUNGARVAN native Sean O’Hanlon has decided to hold off on killing this prick up the road until he hears how long David Mahon receives for the manslaughter of his stepson, it has been confirmed.

Mahon, who was found guilty of the manslaughter of Dean Fitzpatrick in May of 2013, will be sentenced in June. After waiting to hear the length of the sentence, O’Hanlon will then make up his mind if his dose of a neighbour is worth that amount of time in jail.

“I have fucking had it with this dose up the street, and I’m going to go up to his house and kick the ever-living shit out of him,” said O’Hanlon, who has plenty of previous convictions.

“But I just want a basic guide as to how much jail-time I could be looking at if the inconsiderate fucker dies. 6 years with 3 suspended, I can live with that. Anything over ten, I’ll have to reconsider”.

The Irish justice system has been heavily scrutinised for lenient sentencing, with many criminals receiving completely suspended sentences or fines for serious crimes. In some instances, people convicted of crimes have had their sentences suspended as jail time would be especially difficult for them, something that O’Hanlon is factoring into his decision.

“I had asthma as a child, I could probably bring that up in the trial,” said O’Hanlon, calculating how much he could save in rent by being in jail for three years.

“Just ‘cough cough your honour, it’d be cruel to send me to jail’… that’s bound to shave a few years off the term. Fuck, yeah I will smash the head off this cunt up the road. What’s the worst that can happen?”