Heartbreaking Pic Of Grandfather Who Just Cooked For Himself, But All 6 Grandkids Turn Up


A HEARTBREAKING image of a grandfather has left the internet in floods of tears, after his granddaughter revealed her granddad had cooked up a feast just for himself, only for all his grandchildren to turn up and “eat him out of house and home”.

Yesterday afternoon, Stacey Breslin, a college student from Waterford, tweeted a photo her grandpa, who she calls ‘a right grumpy bastard’, looking forlorn while sitting with his head in his hands without any food in front of him.

“We just called in to say hello and he had this face on him that would have stopped a clock,” the granddaughter of four explained. “He asked us if we wanted food, but in that negative, like ‘Ye don’t want anything to eat now, do ye, no?’ way, already hinting that he didn’t want to give us anything, so we all said yes, just to sicken his shit”.

Immediately taking a picture of his disappointment and publishing it for the entire planet to see, the WIT student accompanied the tweet with: ‘Dinner with grumpy balls tonight… He only made enough food for himself, so we all tucked in to it, the greedy cunt. He could do with losing a few pounds”.

Sure enough, the image has provoked a collective outpouring of emotion from fellow Twitter users.

“My granddad always goes out to the shed when we visit,” one Twitter user said.

“I bet he hides the biscuits too,” another online commentator pointed out.

The original post has been retweeted by more than 24,000,000,000 users and favourited nearly 150,000,000,000,000,000,000 times within 24 hours of being posted.